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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deqno happilly ever after

wow...deqno dh kawen...
so happy for her..
i do plan to come to her wedding this weekend
but,well...kite hanya mampu merancang kan...
its ok..i'll make up to her for her wedding at sentul nnt.

to deqno,congratulations on ur wedding!
hey,ingt lg x how we met each other?
we at english klas,and by the end of the klas,i just simply yelled out..
sape Nur Hidayah?
haha..just like that..
im sorry that im not too gracefull when i did that
no matter..
we frens for life rite?
love u bebeh!

p/s: cepat2 jd mummy,coz i cant wait to be an aunty!



dyielachan said...

ko ble lg ngah?
cepat la sket..
ak nk blik 2..