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Saturday, June 18, 2011

restoran ﻭ , kota bharu kelantan

hei peeps,im back in jb.
after 2 weeks ulang alik between kuantan - kb.
so,there will be a few posts about food 
not coz im that eager to show u guys what i ate this past 2 weeks
coz belive me,notin is out of ordinaries.
it just for my memory sake.lol...
so,here goes...
notin really fancy
i found it hard to find a local food there.
either im too lazy to search for it
hurmm..yup,im lazy! haha

 teh o bing laici..refreshing!

 bandung soda..guess which drink is mine and which is beskut's?

 its 10.30am,and i ordered nasi goreng daging merah...sigh...
for an over priced nasi goreng,its tasteless and the meat is soo tough.haiya..

and beskut's nasi goreng ikan masin.he ate notin but nasi goreng ikan masin.hehehe..

love the restaurant interior.hate the food.