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Saturday, June 18, 2011

First station kopitiam, kota bharu kelantan

at first station kopitiam,kota bharu

 soda strawberries.i love kedai mkn yg bg coaster!

 ice milk tea

 nasi goreng ayam 3 rasa.the chicken was undercooked.so,boo!!

cant remember the name of this dish.but the chicken have been marinated and fried.still have its juiciness,some plain ol' white rice and curry sauce served with a bit heavy cream.a bit weird for me.but tasty still.yes,im a big lover for msg - loaden food.hahaha!

but i felt uneasy through out our dinner there coz the kopitiam is obviously own by a chinese.but they showed a tilawah al-quran on their television.which is of coz make me feel happy.but they still switch on their radio.it felt wrong after that.one side i can heard the Quran recital.and on the other,lady gaga been singing alejandro.i tried to ask them to switch off the radio,but they just brush it off.and what's more disturbing is that no body else ( fellow malays ) seems like they care.am i just over reacted,or its totally really is wrong?
im ridden with guilt =(