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Sunday, September 4, 2011

tell me why..

ok,i know things happened for a reason.
so these things happened to me in last few days...

1) my stupid kazen,piled up rambutan skins on my car hood.getah melekat,and now cat kereta dh merekah..just becoz i didn't allowed him to drive the car.he does it as a joke,but can u see the result of his stupidity and selfishness? how much will it cost me to wax and polish the car back to normal? some people just cant grow up mentally.sigh..

2) lost my dslr battery at my granny's home.i don't know where it go or who took it.but its gone.im not pointing any fingers,but seriously,why take the battery but not the camera? needless to say,it will cost more money to buy a new one.

3) a trolley cart ramp onto my car while i parked at giant hypermarket.the worker are collecting trolleys,but one got loose and heading straight to my car.dented and scratch.i got soo mad that i yelled at the guy.but he kept saying that please pity him coz he just started working there..my selfishness took over me.i cant kept feeling sorry for others while bad things repeatedly happening to me..

4) having a mega fight wif en beskut.enuf said =(

at these point,i felt super tired to deal with all of these problems for now.yes,money comes and goes.but its super hard to get by. i believe if i do good to others,good things will come to me.but for now,that's just not true.its getting harder to see the positive side.if there's any..

p/s: bru blk from polish kete,mmg xilng kesan merekah tu.den cek fb,my aunty de upload gmbr kete.tb2 si bangang ni bole komen "kakakakakaka"...skt ati ke x mcm tu?
so i said to him - gelak la puas2,nnt angh hntr bil polish kete.
he replied - pehal plak,bkn salah die letak kulit rmbutan dh mkn,sape suh parking bwh pokok?

gv me reasons not to be mad at that replied.