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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pizza hut's chunky loaded pizza - please don't waste your money!

have u tried pizza hut's new chunky loaded pizza?
here is the advertisement..
looks pretty yummy right?
can see a load of stuff there..tomatoes.sausages,what not..
and i'm,as a pizza love..of course wanna give it a try..

so,here what i got in reality.just a slices of tortilla,been piled with cheeses and sausage.that's all..where is the diced tomatoes? where is the roasted veggie mix?did u see any?i felt cheated the moment they brought this sad piece of "pizza" to our table.

and this is how "thick" the 10 LAYERS PIZZA is..

and of coz,being me..i complained with the worker.she said the advertisement is for illustration purpose only..well,boo - hoo! come on...the diffrence is far too obvious.its like you comparing a kancil and masserati...and the price is rm35.90!

things that people do to get rich.hish..shame on you pizza hut!