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Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is for YOU

I know you gonna read this sooner or later..coz i know u stalk evert inch of my web life..but pretending like you dont is just plain pathethic.how would you know bout my snowboarding trip,about moscow,about every little details that i only wrote in my blog?come on la..like i dont know..

You beg for us to meet.you brag bout ur life and how succesfull you are now.dont get me wrong,im happy for you.really.but to tell me in my face that im not succesfull? Omg..that's just..im speechless here..

Let me get this straight...

I drive a swift.you drive a NEO!
And you had nerve to say mine is no good?

U said u just bought back your old house from your dad.
I just bought a piece of land!Ok,no house yet.but it will..

U a big succesfull lawyer now?
Well,granted im not a doctor yet..okay,u win there.

U got ur diving license oledi?
Big deal.i lived in europe.i've travelled the world.i've hopped on a train travelled around russia.

Have you done all that dear?
Did i told you that.no.coz im not one to brag.
I lived my life the way i want.i made a mistakes a long the way.but im fine with it.yet u seem to have a problem with it.y?

You got jealous with my life?
Hahaha..served u right!

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