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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

who said steroid good for you?

i'm now under strict medication regime
need to tk progesteron 10mg everyday
side effects?

  • hair falls which is so demm obvious
  • lots n lotss of white head..muke menggerutu okes..
  • making me hungry & eat all the time
  • resulting in rapid weight gain..( yeah,blame the ubat!haha!!)
  • rapid hair growth in all area ( gross... tp kt pale xnk tumbuh plk )
  • now i've got a moustache
  • feeling jittery all the time
and this will goes on for another 2 months
sutun keep gelakkn me coz b4 i always laugh at her bumpy face..haha..
pdn muke aku..deshum2!!