..life is a canvas,get my crayon & bunchos and brushes,and paint it colorful..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


you wont understand this heartache
of losing something like that
i cant shake it out of my head
i don't care bout you anymore
please be dead as far as i care
before yes i breathed for you
my world revolved around you
but now i've seen what kind of a monster you've become
you bit these hands that fed you
that held you when you cried
that hugged you when you down
my pain is a joke
my tears make you laugh
what a jackass you are
guilty and sorry will never be in your mind
i'm not weak as you are
i can stand on my own two feet
unlike you,stupid uneducated monkey
yeah,thats how i curse
i call people monkey

i'm holding in my hand
this fragile heart of mine
that still bleeds,broken & torn apart
he said to give it to him
he'll nurse it back
he'll mend it back
the pain that you've caused
the wrong that you've done
he'll erase it from my head
i'm thankful for that
for girls who stood by my side
those long night of chattings,texts and calls
i love you all
for those who turn their backs and heads
thank you even more
for one girl
who always there when she needed something
and gone as soon as i need her
cant u read the situation?
i don't need you anymore
go away..like you always do
you are good at that
are'nt you?

you and that anorexic peppy of yours
can go to heaven
im praying for your happiness
i hope you can settle all your debts and manage to buy a car and a house
im not that shallow
nor i'll ever be as low as both of you are
yes my cracked nasal still hurts
but to hope for you to go to hell?
who am i to judge?
im not that good anyway
im not trying to be the "better person"
but i refuse to play the victim
im going cuckoo sumtimes
talking to myself is not normal
or weeping and mourning excessively
whats there to mourn for?
you are not a diamond in the rough
you are just a weak human as i am
im through feeling sorry for myself
im better than you
at least thats a fact
you are just a fraction of fiction in my life
yg besnye,u wont understand what i've said here
papai ~~~