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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

putera M.I.C futsal league

im not a really a futsal fan
mainly coz there is no ronaldo in it

here we are in front of bus stop
been waiting for the bus like teramat la lame..
seb bek xsejuk sgt time ni

bgnn blkg tu is my uni building
yep..not so pretty..

it turns out
i do enjoyed d game..
cheering and c*****g at the same time
really make my adrenaline rushed..wehehehee..

ns campur = ayam msk merah /kicap + kobes goreng = 100rouble/rm10
its quite normal price range here for us anyway..

some of the team

some of the crowds..

the final team wif our coach and encik azman..wakil from malaysian embassy
the winner = team bj kuning
well,both team is from our uni..i guess ..same je kot
coz we bolot all the 1st,2nd and 3rd place
go m2 go!!hehe