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Friday, March 20, 2009

i just dont care anymore...

i dun feel right to say bad things bout people
if in blog
(if bergosip gosip,ok je..hahaha)
but i think,im up to my limit oledi..
i jus dun think dis kind of people really know the meaning of enuf is enuf
i think they feel gud hurting others feeling

look,im sorry for anytin dat i've done k
its been years agoo
cant u people jus let it go?
wat else u people want from me?
to crawl up to u n said im sorry?
u people got everytin oledi
im sorry i cant completely vanished from ur sight
leave everytin behind and lead a miserable life
myb dats wat u people want..but sorry..
dat kind of wish,will nvr come true.
live the way u want,be as evil as u want
jus leave me alone
far away from ur twisted, sad, unforgiven life!

we are enemies,longer than we are frens,
no,i dont consider u people as my enemies anymore
before yes,but now..
jus as sum people who i know in my past life
im sure u consider me as an enemy tho
i dun care,i dun even gv a damn!
jus STOP saying bad thing bout me at ALL!
for me,u people are the type of people
who cant even be keep closer as an enemies!
if u people hate me dat much,den jus stop saying my name
at any costs,at any time
its dat simple rite?

and secondly,for some1 who pretend to be a fren
but actually jus a b**** wif sweet face & frenly smile
im completely clueless...
y said dat u on the way to klas
wen u obviously oledi arrived?
wen i jus wanna ask u whether the teacher oledi in or not
y said dat u still in ur room
wen i can heard a car honking at the back?
wen u know im still waiting for u
i soooo wanna ask u y the h*** u do such thing
but ..meh..
dat dun even worth my time

well..dats all
curse me all u want
i've had enuf
wen a "sorry" couldnt satisfied ur people
i dun know wat else will
if my tears bring u people joy
den i felt sorry for u

jus hoping that im not going to be like dat..
yeah,i hurt others too.
.but i know wen to stop hating
and learn to forgive..

nana wrote on her blog recently..
Allah knows the best of His slave..
Allah takkan menguji sesuatu dengan yg kita tak mampu..but we always tend to think that our life is not fair enough..

how so very true...but still i find its hard to face all of these
may i stand strong no matter what
i jus dun care anymore
for all these times i kept in silence
letting u people said all u people want..
i pray may GOD open up ur people heart
and learn to forgive and forget..