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Saturday, March 28, 2009

moscow metro & whattt???

moscow metro 
for me  is the most efficient public transport
there is in the world
despite its old-style wagon
beautiful station,its always on time
fast and cheap. 

here is konkova station
our home station
dunno y it looks so pretty in pic
wen it actually kinda shabby and dull looking 

long,long,long metro st

and the metro of course  =)
hoping our KTM,Putra,Star or Monorail can be like dis
efficient and on time i mean..

and for the whattt??? section..
reality price check in moscow
will u pay 5390rub/160$/rm580
for these shirt?

or 26190rub / 777$ / rm2811 for these jacket?
hump..typical russian price..
soooo doesnt mk sense..