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Saturday, March 28, 2009

якитория японская кухня

jus realized
i've been eating out quite a lot lately
i mean..like 2 days in a row
to a same restaurant!
( yakotiria japanese kitchen )
talked about being hooked up..
cant get enuf of the foods here..

glad dat yasu ajak me to eat here d day before
so the next day i forced..ehem2..ajak beskut
to have dinner here again..

the place was full!packed!
even the waiting list got 5 more people before us..
at last we settled to seat at the sushi bar
ok laa..got to see how they make sushi from here
just felt kinda weird
having people looked at u while u ate

here is  one of the sushi guy
tot they were japanese?or at least an asian?
nope..they russian
maybe they were hired for their asian-liked face

i ordered the same drink i drank the day before
аис ти имбирный ( gingered ice tea )
and of coz coke for beskut
and here come the food....

red bean soup wif unagi ( eel )
i love unagi,yet i hate red beams
den i dunno y i ordered dis at d 1st place
its creamy,red-beany ( izit a word? =p ),and a bit spicy
accompanied by a bowl of gohan

dis is the star dish!
i can eat berbakul bakul of these babies
fried shushi wif dip
and as u can see,i cant even wait to take a pic b4 eating it
luckily i remembered halfway tru
and tk a  snap before continuing my shameless act

shazli and his food
baked salmon wif blue cheese

spicy sushi
mussels,crabs and unagi

edamame..sweet sweet edamame

and finally 
beskut food..rice burger wif salmon teriyaki
oh no!teringin nk mkn!!!