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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

karipap nite out!!

im soooo missing the simplycity of living in malaysia..
i mean,watever u want,needs or crave
its right there in front of u..ready to be bought..
but living here in moscow do mk us to be more creative
if u craving for karipap,den wat to do?
mk it urself of coz!
and u can even mk it as a klass activity..hahaha
plus it kinda bond us together..literally..hehe

sweta and boon beng wif tray of finished karipap
at the back,hilman as the roller of the day.

its kinda fun actually
everyone got their own things to do
as for me,at dis time,my work is done!
coz im the 1 yg kene prepare the inti n the dough..

the result..n shushien oso bake us a cute gingerbread man!!
cute kn??hehe..

i think all of us dh xksh if xmkn krpp lg
at least until summer hols nnt
coz we ate like 10bj sorang,and got some more for 2mrw bfast!

supposed rmi lg yg ptt dtg..xci eh korg!!!
nway..god friday nite!!next time wat roti jala plak k!!


christyzee said...

very nice blog!

nadia.H said...

thank you soo much christy
i also enjoy reading your blog.
keep up the good work!

protector said...

woi..comel gila gingerbread man tuh..baru semalm mkn kat cafe..nape x bgtau..aku postkn jer..-pieya-