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Saturday, March 28, 2009

donut / поньчнкн

i've been making donut using variety of recipes
from the 1 printed behind mauri-pan yeast pack
to recipe from yasu's " mari memasak kbsm" cooking book
alas,alton brown's recipe make me roll over
unease and itchy to try and make them.
boy..they were GOOD!
so here is the ingredients..... 

blooming the yeast..
i love the smell
and extremely happy watching bubbles bursts up
wen every fungi breath
beauty aint it?

after kneading..yeah,hand kneaded
it supposed to put at rest for 1 hour
but tk a look wat happened just after a mere 30 mins

it doubled its size!
so springy!so (yeast-y?)!

then come the rolling & cutting part....

the recipe said its yields between 20 - 25 donuts
but look how much i ended up with
and this is only from the 1st batch..
all and all i think
i managed to get around 90 mini sized donuts

the frying process..

the oil-straining process..

the sugaring process..

final result..
ooo..those were the unsugared one
thought about making a glaze
but im out of powdered sugar
anyway,i think im good for now..

check out the recipe at foodnetwork.com
i cant copy paste the recipe here
they got the copy right issues u know..
peace ^_^