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Saturday, March 28, 2009

jasmin . eta - ur - heart - out

i loveeeeeeeeee korean food
( then again..i love all type of food..hikhik..)
but i think my taste buds agree wif this type of food
its hot,its spicy
but differents from our malay hot n spicy taste..
do u get my drift?
anyway,here we are at jasmin restaurant..

and the other two..
shazli n wani..

and the side dishes
mainly pickled vegies ( kimchi,pickled dill,etc..)
potato pancakes..(droolllllll....)
oh,oso taugeh..likey likey..hehehe..
i think im full just by eating the side dishes..

i forgot wat dis dish name in korean
its a spicy rice cake
by all,dis is my all time feveret
any1 know where i can buy dis in malaysia?

and here is my last dish
upon ordering,i tot a simple clear hot nice soup would be
best to wash down all the spicyness
but man...how dissappointed i am wen i tasted it
its cold and sweet..odd..
mybe its supposed to be a summer dish
sorry dear..i got to left u behind..

and wen i tot i got no more stomach room to spare
we stop at azbuka vkusa
and bought 1 bucket of baskin robins
rocky road style..
boy...wat a day!!