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Saturday, May 28, 2011

that's cafe johor bahru

im full & im super lazy rite now..
so here goes....

sutun --> budak pki tudung x matching..hahaha

kiwi yogurt smoothies....rm 9.90 ( X_X ) but super yummy!
..bunge biru sekadar hiasan..

the interior deco..see.. i heart old junks!

sutun's fish and chips.rm 16.90....nice crispy crunchy exterior.

chicken chop rm16.90 also.delish! love the tender juicylicious chicken...

chicken pasta i think....rm 12.++ ......my opinion? booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! so do not order this peeps...the gravy is too thin.and a bit under salted.

too bad i didn't bring my camera tonight..oh well...maybe next time..hehe....

total damage for 3 eaters? rm 60.++ ... do not worry,they don't over charge their soft drinks..rm3 per can,is reasonable rite?situated at the deserted - during - night - road,jalan dhobby..it provides a really nice quiet ambiance.perfect for date for two!

also after dinner,we went to bazaar jb not far away from the cafe.nothing special there,just a lot of stalls selling a lot of stuffs.oh,but i bought a super kawaii owl ring! score!

and on the way back from the bazaar,i saw this....

gray,black and red..awwww!