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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monsta cafe,nusa bestari

yesterday we went to hv a bruchea ( breakfast + lunch + tea ) at monsta cafe..
hahahaha..like the word brunchea? i just made it up seconds ago..lol!
anywy,been wanting to go to this cafe,but dunno why i kept putting it off before
than i saw a voucher selling at rm17.70 per person at mydeal.com
super cheap for a whole set of meal of appetizer,main dish and a lemon tea.
so,here we are..

omg,the ambiance is super cute and cool!!
love it to the max!!

sutun la paling kepoci nk amek gmbr sane sini...duh..

rarrrrr! menu pn comel!!! ( org pgg menu lg giler comel!! wahaha)

some old toys

sutun & comel..hahaha

this is beauty pool i think...rm7.90..taste like slurpee..so,nothing much...

mushroom soup. love it! its been a while since i went to a restaurant and they served homemade mushroom soup.not from a campbels's box..yummy3...

fish sambal and rice.the sambal is ok...again,nothing fancy..rm7.90

coleslaw salad...refreshingly delicious..

this is from the set....lamb chop,love the lamb,cuts like butter..drroolll.....

and chicken honey glazed...i think this is just ok..
sue me,im a bit prejudiced after the lamb..haha

give it a try,a good place to hang out or maybe for a birthday party bash...hurmm
that does sounds good! hehe...