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Monday, February 16, 2009

not - so - romantic - dinner

not really a special V-day dinner
jus a normal day dinner
but decided to dress it up a bit
heck,its not even a dinner..
coz its 4pm wen we ate

menu from last nite
jus easy peasy ordinary spageti wif shredded cheddar
(cant seem to find parmesan from nearby shop)
marinated ciken wings,grilled
garlic bread..not in pic,coz still in oven
n bubbly pear..nope,its not champagne
haha...as if!

view dkt ckit

the drink rs cam antibiotik..seyesly
so i combine mine wif ginger ale
and beskut's wif sprite..
both taste better den d original 1
no roses.poem or other yucky stuff for us..
i guess we grew bored wif each other..hehehe..

try combine 100% oren jus + sprite 2:1 portion.seyes bes..