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Sunday, February 8, 2009

..snowboarding kununnye..

went for snowboarding on wednesday
been snowing hard
just wanted to try it once in my life
ne la tau sng kan..
if sng,myb next time ble g lg..haha
at least,dats wat i tot

there are 7 of us
here we are waiting for bus
to yugo-zapadnaya

after trn from bus
need to walk sum more
jauh gak la..coz my kaki freezing oledi at dis point
even pki stokin 2lps pn.
we arrived around 5pm
seb bek smpt amek gmbr time cerah lg

me and aan

placing our boots,or shoes,or wateve la they kol dis thing
damn berat loo..

ok,blum pape dh posing..haha
needless to say..i cant even get up
after attaching the boots to the board
if i do managed to stand up..trus slide g bwh
so much for making this as a hobbies..
beskut n others terer kot..cet..
geram je tgk mereka poyo2 terer..haha
i played for 1 hour,den excused myself
sejuk gile + xlarat dh nk jatuh tersembam ats snow

shud i say more?
pic taken after i fall down..hehe
all and all..do enjoy the day
myb nxt time try skiing plak
eventho they say,ski lg ssh dr snowboard
xksh la..
once in a life time kan??
peace out baby!!d next day we all skt2 bdn..nk gelak pn skt..haha


nurainaakabil said...

uish..dengki nyer..dengki gile~~!!!

protector said...

i'm jealous too..takpe..takpe..-pieya-

nadia.H said...

dats y u all kene dtg cni..ehem !_!