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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ice,ice n ice

i just discover a tricks
on how to walk on icy,slippery road
not dat i dun like to see how blue the sky is..
its jus,the "after effect" is wat i hate..haha
( skt bdn + myb terseliuh kaki + malu gile thp dewa)
the trick is..
to walk quickly but in small steps
try to walk beside anyone
so dat if u slipped,u got sum1 to hold to
my fevret choice..of coz la beskut..hehe
amazingly,he neva fall even once..
pelik tapi benar.. ?_?

p/s: baru sedar byk kesalahan tatabahasa dalam semua post.baik dlm bahasa melayu ataupun bahasa inggeris.pesanan saya....abaikan je.. 0_0


PnampoJepon said...

da tua2 pun xpndai berjalan..ape kes?