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Monday, February 2, 2009

planeta sushi

havent been out from hostel one whole day
mainly coz now the weather was soo damn cold
even wif extra layers of jacket n lmk pun (ahaha)
still rs sejuk gak
but we decided to go out that evening
went to новые черемушки [ novi ceremushki ]
for some electronics
then ate at планета суши [ planeta sushi ]

the chopsticks wif its name..

sushi wif gari & wasabi
doesnt like the taste of the california roll
but the ebi was delighful

японская сказка [ yiponskaya skazka]
or japanese fairytales
fluffy white rice wif
shitake mushroom
marinated in teriyaki sauce
slices into bite sized
then sprinkle wif chilli flakes
totally yummy!!
aiseh..perut melapar plak..
hehehe ^_^

control bfore start digging..haha

beskut eppy dpt mkn..hehe..


Salina said...

X aci!! naper awk dpt mkn dulu? hehe.. neway, naper muka palong lain setiap kali sy nmpk gambo die? :p

nadia.H said...

ahaha..len ke?same je muke die..meh dtg cni cepat!i bring u mkn around moscow.tp u blnje la.hahaha

PnampoJepon said...

ptotla mkin kembang keje mkn jek ek...eh bile lg blk m'sia?

nadia.H said...

tlg la jgn jeles aku nk mkn.ko dulik hape?blk bln 6.xde kirim2..hahaha