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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journey To Malacca - Part III


we all wk up early today
semngt tuh nk g melaka
get ready cpt2
seb bek xnek bas
xnk sejarah ke cameron berulang lg

deqno will not be joining us
she got netball match
tru out the weekend.
Nana as mentioned before
got her kazen's wedding to attend
and sum1 else
well..i prefered to just forgt bout it
5 out from 8
not bad la...

will be going wif nik's cute white kelisa
1st stop - pick up salina from her home
2nd stop - anis home for sleeping bag n fill up wtr bottle
after dat i got no idea wat happen
haha..tdo je pastu
seyes..mmg la aku ni xble hrp
seb bek bkn co pilot
but for sure nik drive very fast
coz oledi arrive Melaka within 1.5 hours
xpdn kecik btul die ni..


1st stop - Taman Mini Malaysia

here got 14 type of houses mewakili every 14 states of malaysia
wif their own unique trademark
like sarawak's rumah panjang ( if gayat,jgn duk umh mcm ni)
melaka's pretty stairs ( mcm tngga dlm cite hindustan tu )
selangor's roomy halls ( sng nk wat kenduri )
sabah's hard-to-climb stairs ( if pth kaki,cmne nk msk umh? )
and so on
sadly..johor's house was small n (sobsob) not so pretty
seb bek umh nnk aku xcam tu
but all the room kinda scary
wif antique beds n mirror
kinda love it actually
all vintagey n 50's
but still..uuuuuu....

we also watched traditional dances
from malays,indians,arabs(?),etc
watching the performances
mk me realize
how shallowed i am bout my own tradition
im more aware wif waltz,tango,ball dance,etc
then joget ayam ( yes,the movement was like chicken ),
dikir barat,zapin,and so on
hopefully Hang Tuah will not be dissapponted wif me
xkan melayu hilang di dunia!

2nd stop - City park hotel

after all sweaty and bersin coz habuk
we check in at hotel
we actually go in by  2 person 1st
den another 3
yala..rent 1 room only.duk 5 org
ne tau tkt kene halau ke..
hehe..save maa..
name pun student

the room was nice and clean
2 single beds
wif surau
and roomy bathroom..( fuh..)
after solat ( jamak zohor + asar )
we went out for lunch and start ronda2

we ate at some kind of food court
near MP
my food was....B.A.D
kinda kill the mood
coz im soooo hungry dat i felt i can eat a hippo
( tgk siza laa..hahaha )
but bile teringat nik nk blnje mkn mlm tu
hehehe..ok la..gumbira la blk

3rd stop - Menara Taming Sari

basicly a spinning tower
for rm10,u got to see 360- degrees view of malacca
for 7 minutes
well..its nice if no loud music was on
and all the people sit quietly and enjoy the view
but,well..wat can i say
its the experience dat counts

4th stop - A famosa

we walked to A famosa from the menara
a very nice walked indeed
tk picture in front the old stamps museum

A FAMOSA means "The Famous" in portuguese
is a fortress located at the foot of St. Paul's Hill.
what left is only a small gate of the once great fortress
called the "Porta De Santiago "
( quoted from wikipedia)

but up the hill still got some kind of structure
climbing the stairs..whew..
stairs..and stairs..
u'll be rewarded wif breath taking view
angin pun sepoi2 languange je
pendek kate mmg berbaloi la

they got lots of tomb stone there
which were written in latin
i can read some of them
and even understand it!
rupe2nye xsia sia blaja latin tu
other than beladonna,cauda equina,musculus longus bla blabla..

5th stop - Maritime Musuem

again,we walked to go there
now its scorching hot
mk my oledi dark skin even darker
hahaha..xksh la
kat moscow ssh nk rs matahari

here basiclly all about perdagangan dulu2
types of boat
captains room
merchandise that been bought and sold

its not just a normal type of museum
they make the musuem like a real ship
a very good craftmanship
so proud of it
no wonder Malacca hv been approved as a world heritage

6th stop - 7-eleven 

never realized slurpee can taste so damn GOOOOODDDD...
they even berebut for slurpee stamps
kekwn aku nihh..

7th stop - Umbai ikan bakar ( yummy! )

i've been to umbai as long as i can remember
from kecik xble jln
smpi skrg yg dh mcm tong drum ..haha
but 1st time went wif frens

seafoods....lots n lots of seafood..
ikan jenak msk ape ntah.sweet sour izit?
sutun tepung dat was crunchy outside,squidly yummy inside
( droooll....)
grilled crabs..

we ate wif complimentary sambal kicap
and oso the prepacked nasi lemak
but i skipped the nasi
need more room for seafood

this time me n nik ordered coconut juice
see..now baru la fresh coconut juice
not yg ble kuar santan nye type

we ate,we talked
we ate and we talked summore
even talked bout ghost stories
while i can make others meremang bulu roma wif my stories
only salina who can keep eating
no feeling wat so eva
aiyaa amoi..antu malay pun menakutkan la

if people watched the way we ate dat nite
my god..hahaha
as anis said.."ni mak mentua konpem lari if nmpk"
so,just use ur imagination..
eheh *_*

8th stop - Jonker street

dis time anis is the pilot
piah still the co pilot
sorry dear..i jus hv to write bout dis..
how come Jonker st n Johor bahru is the same place?
we search like crazee for this place
even asking people around
melaka seriously need to improve their signboard
xmenolong langsung k

jonker st is like petaling st in kl
lots of small stalls
selling lots of stuff
the crowd was..emmm..crowded
wif my current state of lazziness level 
my mood quickly drop below zero
hehehe..bad gal nadia!bad gal!
sorila kekwn
im jus bad at handling crowded hot places

i just felt sorry for the guy at the last shop v visited
hehe..now he know..
not easy dealing wif this type of customer
the bags was nice n pretty
anis even fall in love at 1st sight wif 1 bag
n piah
muke org tu mcm nk nangis sbb asyk kene bg diskaun je
hehe..pity him.

got cute nice hat from nik for my besday!
hehe..tq dear ~~

back to hotel
planned to go karaoke dat night

9th stop - sinaran (?)

we want to melalak sekuat hati at karaoke
so asked the front desk clerk where is the nearby karaoke
he said ...
"dekat je,tp if jln pnt jugak la"
so we decided to drive
round,and round,and round
like tawaf during haji time
except for not a very good reason 
xjumpe2 gak the so called sinaran

after half n hour
we went back to the hotel
this time,the akk said,on ur left side..
omg!!!besabr je la
knp la xble bgtau betul2
again we went searching for this place
at last,our co pilot jmpe
the sinaran is not bersinar langsung!
no light on their signboard
mk things worst..they oledi closed
so,back to hotel we go
after all..its 1am oledi

no uno kad session
which is weird for us
if not,bkn stkt uno..happy fmly,snap,etc..
jus mandi n tdo
but overall..a day,well spent!
z.z.z.z.z.. time

p/s:the ekon was so kold ye..
    tp penatnye psl..lynkn je la..ahaha...=p