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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Desaru impian resort - CNY hols

Just before i went back to moscow
we decided to spent the CNY hol at desaru
very relaxing
enjoy to the max
too bad ibu n baba cant make it

ssh gile nk dpt gmbr ni..

us enjoying the hotel's pool.
ombak kuat gile kot kat laut.
even the sky doesnt looked too gud..

wif some of my family

me,nani & fa

p/s: may my psp n goergous guess spek rest in peace
psp = jth laut sbb nani gedik g bwk time jln kat pantai..bengong
guess spek = my aunty "misplaced" it
talked bout heartache..huhuhuu


PnampoJepon said...

ala..adik bradik gedik..nk wt cmner..which aunty yg ilangkan?????

fergh...xajak pun seyh..

nadia.H said...

nk wtpe ajk ko?
buang mase je..ahaha
identiti aunty terpakse dirahsiakan..