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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

journey to MALACCA - part II


supposed we wk up early
start our day at 9.30
piah even said wanna wk us up at 9.30
guess wat..i wk up at 11
salina of coz wk up early
seriously..i cant do moning

they all bz wif their klas
they here refer only to anis
coz she got lab
i need to go to Low Yatt Plaza
n after dat
V lunch @ McDonalds
together gether
foods taste so much better wen u ate rmi2

notin much happen today
after lunch salina sent me to putra st
they resume their work
i went to low yatt
in a sea of people
using my so called "GPS" skill
searching for particullar comp shop
wif beskut as a guide
giving me directions via sms
moscow - msia
not murah maa..

after gettin all excited
coz the internal hard drive price was so damn MURAH!
compare to moscow anyway
i even suggested to beskut
to buy 3 of the 500gb h.drive
(talked bout self controled..)
and bought couple other things
i decided to go to pavillion
why the h*** i wanna go there
i hv no idea
unless im a millionaire
pavillion is sooo not my cup of tea
but still,out from roxy
come wif me a teeny tiny plastic bag

by 6pm im totally worn out
from all the walking
window shopping
anis msg me tnye ble x smpi termnl putra by 7.30 - 7.45pm
( she hv to tk over salina work as "my way utk msk uia" 
coz salina dh blk umh.hehe)
i said,ok..im o.m.y home pun
piah oso said wanna go out dat nite
coz she,deqno n anis oso wanna buy selipar
aftr dat like always
wanna go/dont wanna go battle started
hehe..sian anis
sile bersabar ye..hihihi

anis wannna bring us to the new jusco
i forgot where
she asked salina for directions
salina said jus follow the signboard
which is funny
coz its only a banner
which piah dgn semangat tunjuk
"tu la nis, A.E.O.N,A.E.O.N!!"
seyes time ni lawak gile!
hehe..sori la piah
dis type of things
jus mmg xble nk lupe..=p

after done wif shopping
that end up anis stil hasnt buy any slippers
we dinnered @ PLANET TOMYAM
its a candle lite dinner
lengkap wif candle,payung n all..
ahaha..so romantik..
the food was good
the conversations..emmm
lets just say..was good at the moment
and nik oso join us after dat

back to uia
deqno got serious laundry to do
anis need to pack for tomorrow trips
3 of us ( nik,anis n me )
stayed in the same room
spent bout 30mins searching for 1 song
ahaha..seyes kekwn..
its bunkface..not estrnged..
its destinasiku..not inspirasiku..
lawak2..len kali jgn caye ckp aku
sinopsis : bunkface - situasi
dgn rasminye jd lagu fevret anis

z.z.z.z.z time
tomorrow need to wk up early~

p/s : not proud wif wat i've done dat nite but still..kinda worth it,,( devil horn ats pale )