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Friday, November 25, 2011

islamic trettoria,bandar baru bangi

last dinner date wif en beskut
we ate at islamic trettoria at bangi
splendid food.ambiance,wud be romantic if there is no crying baby around
ahaha..yes,sometimes i can be a baby hater..lol..

 first,they served this warm fluffy bread.of coz i ate this all by myself.hehe..
olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo? heavenly...

 i drank this.beskut?
dont even ask..him,either ice tea or coke.no matter where we ate,that's what he ordered.

 beskut main course,alfredo tagliatelle.the pasta cook to perfection.the sauce is just divine.man..im in love....

why waiter always thought boy will get the big manly steak and girl will get the  gurly green salad? in our case,its definitely vise versa.hahaha
plus i like mine on a medium rare side.
this is THE BEST STEAK ever !
juicy,cuts like butter,melt in your mouth kinda steak..
the mash potato - to die for
the salad - i hope there's a big pile of it
the grilled veggies - meh..im ok without them
have i told u that this is the best steak i ever had?

the price is koyak- wallet -and -poket kinda price.
but totally worth it.
too bad i didnt get to try out their dessert.
the tiramisu look pretty tempting..
next time nadia.there's always next time.


shazia said...

mcm sedap jerr....sila belanja saya di sini hehe

nadia.H said...

mmg sgt2 sedap! sile la blnje sy..jgn malu2..hahaha