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Friday, December 3, 2010

one tangga at the time

i think......
i'm afraid to take those big steps in life
it feel like its out of my reach
i almost grab it..but just not yet
dear friends..how do you all do it?
just plunge into the world and hope everything works fine?
i know life is about taking chances and risks
but i'm afraid
i lost my "adventurous bones" i guess
thats why i admire all of you
i know its not easy to be an adult
++ applause ++

yesterday i woke up & realize
i hate my comforter set which i just bought
its pink.its full with princess characters
with her crown,and wands and all the fairy stuffs
weird.before i thought its cute
now...its just plain ridiculous.
piah,i guess i need you to kick me hard.literally.
maybe i should end this vacation sooner than i think
i'm getting restless
yet i feel like I'm not ready to be out there.

life here would be different
i don't want to grow up
but grow up i must.
the idea of me being a doctor?even that scares me a bit
haha...who am i kidding....A LOT!
how do you know you make the right decisions in life?
that the path that u took is the right one?
do we do things that we love or things that must been done?
will baba be mad at me if suddenly i said i want to be a pastry chef?
he sure did 13 years back.
but with all the sacrifice that he make for my sake.
i don't even dare to mumble the word
but i love the smell of freshly baked goods
i love making cakes,tarts and pies
and i love to see the smiles on people faces when they eat it
i know what baba gonna say to me
you will work as a doctor coz you can bake on your free time
there will be no free time in the future,right?

PIANG!!! (*_*) -lempang diri sendiri-
i shouldnt have said that
i'm gonna be a super women
i don't know how yet
but i will be!gambatte nadia!


Rehana~ said...

Dear, love the way you are bcoz every1 is different...:) and i believe you can too..cheers! ~hug n kiss~

nadia.H said...

na,when i read ur comment..in my head is singging -love the way you lie-...dem dat song!byk kali sgt kuar radio..hehehe

SaLiNa said...

girl, jz explore the world.. n u will find that outside world will be much more challenging.. i noe is hard for u to start to explore, but trust me.. u will be someone out there one of these day.. jz time taken.. trust urself, be confident n most important, believe in urself.. all the best dear!! XOXO

nadia.H said...

tq salina...terharu..sob2..

piah said...

>sometimes even though u have to do whatever the "world" asked u to do..there's always a hidden meaning in it..there's a promised adventure and knowledge and different satisfactory alltogather..but hey!! how would u know if u never start??u may even loved it!!
>questioning urself again n again doesnt make u better..it just make u restless with unsolved theories n tought..n STILL U HAVE TO FACE "THAT" MATTER..it does not go away..RITE??
>n Yeah!!just follow ur heart..have u ever tought y on earth its still coming to me even i was never really into it??hmm..maybe jodoh..ALLAH wants u to try..maybe by following the sign n the pathh..u'll be a better person n best..better MUSLIM..who knows..
>TAKE THE FIRST STEP yang!!n follow with faith..INSYAALLAH..n xsalah kita mula balik after sometimes..atleast we can proudly say.."I've tried"..