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Sunday, November 28, 2010


last month,if not taught me anything,have taught me everything about life.the real world.real life situation.

beauty,while only skin deeps,diminish as soon as we stop breathing..actually labelled us in place in society.the beauty,got free passage for everything they do.people tend to please them no matter what.those old saying - don't judge a book by its cover ? as much as we wanna believe that,we still prefer beauty than ugliness

these day,where the skinnies trumps the world under their short shorts and jimmy choo's.everyone needs to be perfect.perfect face,perfect hair,perfect body.sometime,even reading a women magazine can make me feel ugly and uncomfortable with my own self.they told you to be comfortable in your own skin,yet all the picture featuring models who are in size 0 dresses.believe me,even the proudest ,high self esteem girl in the world,could feel a little bit intimidated - if not insulted - with this image.

i just hope the world,or at least people around me - could be a little kinder.i dont care that i no longer can rocked those 3 inches heels or wear those body hugging dresses..but they care.and care very much.invite me to have a drinks,challenge me with a good conversation,amused me with not trying to be an a*****e..than you can see,how good companion can i really be.and f.y.i,i only drink mocktails.


Ainaa Kabil said...

nicely said..another thing..i hate those ppl who always claims they r getting fatter everyday..need to xcercise la..die la..but they actually skinny enouugh for their heights..agak idiotic bastards gak..if they feel fat, then what r we?

nadia.H said...

tau xper...just fed up dgn bnde2 ni..i guess,people just never grown up.thats all...