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Saturday, December 25, 2010

nyx in fire

felt in love with this lipstick.super cheap! cheaper than maybelline,silky girl,etc..
rm10 only per tube..plus the colour is super gorgeous.it stayed put through out the day..and it doesn't chapped my lip.at all..that is the most important thing..I've tried many drugstore brand lipsticks before..they all,sux! chapped my lips really2 bad...so happy that i already find a much cheaper alternative to mac..yes...now including this one,i only have 4 tubes of lipsticks...........( sob2..) 2 is from mac ( which i adore so much!),1 i got free from clinique ( yes,i also love this very2 much! ) haha..and this is nyx in fire..the cons about it is it smells too perfumy for my liking,and it doesn't shine.but a slap of lip gloss,fix it right away!

do you like it on me?hehe...pardon the messy tudung..its my lazy day =p!

p/s: anyone know how to pronouce it? is it n.y.x,or nix?hehehe