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Saturday, August 21, 2010

weird homesick

i miss moscow
not teribbly..but enuf to make me felt a little bit homesick..
the super speedy internet
the super crowded metros
the massive traffic jams
the super expensive groceries
heck..i even miss the super small lifts of my hostel

its gonna be fall soon...
i miss to walk around the park
when the air is smelling like fresh cut grass
and the leaves slowly turned from green to yellow
daun kt mesia sume ijau je memnjang..hehehe...

ramadhan in moscow
i miss that too
at time when imsak is around 7am and berbuke at 2pm
hehehe..gud time..
den to the time when imsak at 3am
but berbuke around 8pm
i guess winter really is a gud time for ramadhan
tp xpe..sy x rindu slippery,slushie roads of moscow

well..life moves on..
InsyaAllah ade rezeki...nk kje tmpt len plk..
hurmm..di mane ye....


elmo blurb said...

imsak 7 pagi, buke 2 ptg????
grr~ jeles betol!

nadia.H said...

ala..tu time winter je...'if time summer..lg lame puase..huhu...