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Saturday, August 21, 2010

ape ade dgn henbeg

suddenly in the mood to update my blog..
do u like my new template?
coz i know i do..hehe..
coz i've been tagged by miss rehana,and it seems ( its seem or it seems? ) fun..
so i decided to go along..i even numbered the item..bit it turn out to be so small..
so just bare wif me k peeps.. http://www.emocutez.com

  1. my butik bund handbag..( henbeg kesygn ku nih )
  2. wallet (that seems decent..but if upclosed,ble nmpk copak2 die..huhu..)
  3. re-usable shopping bag..( trying to use it as often as i can..lol )
  4. my earphone pouch.(that way,easier to find w/o having to go through my bag like a mad man..hehe..)
  5. spare part hp..
  6. iphone (yg cpt abes batery)
  7. shade
  8. make up pouch ( makeup pallete,tissues,comb,lipstick,gloss,body spray,hand sanitizer..a must have but rarely used..hahaha)
if its not during ramadhan,there will be a water bottle, snacks ( coklat,candy,etc),and a book..
and that will require a bigger handbag.. http://www.emocutez.com