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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


funny things happened to us this past week
beskut had a tonsillectomy on his birthday
i had a stye ( still have ) on my right eye the day before that
i just recovered from fever before that
when now beskut having a slight fever due to his post op
i realized,whenever either of us get sick,the other will follow..
things that linking us both..eventho not in good way

got a new shiny oven from baba
yay! tq ayahanda!! sy jnji sy akn bake sebnyk mungkin!
im itching to bake a gallatte,cupcakes,bla bla bla...
but what i really2 wanna try now is to bake a macaron
fluffy2 macaron!
but 1st,will have to buy a piping bag,parchment paper and the ingredient of coz..
hurmm..ramadhan almost at the end now
did i manage to shed any kg at all?
hahaha..as if!
how bout any of u?


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