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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goodbye love

Death..is not new to me.yet,this time its been so hard..and painfull..i cant stop crying.i just cant.

If only i didn't swept my lawn this morning
If only i had put her in her cage
If only i had feed her for breakfast
If only i saw her running to my side
If only the myvi wasn't driving too fast
If only im with her at her last moment..


And If i can turn back the time...

I traded my life for her.
I know it sounds silly.
She's only a pet u might say..
But life is precious anyway..
And her's..had brighten mine more than you can imagine

A tribute for budum..silly name.i know..

A moment of silence...

The stripe one is budum..

Rest in peace baby..
Thank you.so much.
And im so so sorry...

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