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Sunday, March 6, 2011

cik merah saye =)

hari yg sgt2 gumbira.
sy bgn awl pg..seyesly awl...
kemas2 umh..yg mmg giler2nye kemas
basuh bju..1 trip je..hehe
bersihkan sngkar meow
den kuar jejln dgn sutun & en beskut..
by dis time dh kul 2,mmg lapar giler..cri2 tmpt mkn yg bes n xpernah g
so try cafe ni
sugarcraft cafe @ danga bay

 sinful plate of salad..sy rs mkn ni je pn dh cukup.
tp obviously,tidak utk sy kn..hehe..

 sy oder spagetti bolognaise..
biase je..notin spesel..and spagetti die still a bit undercook..

 sutun plak oder mi kari.sy rs xsedap,tp die ckp sedap.pelik budak ni..

 chicken lasagna die holiau..yum3...

 cafe ni pn ble wat oder designer cake..comel2 gk tgk contoh2 kek die..yg tu,under the sea nye theme..mr crabby die kawaii!!

 yg ni plak,chinese wedding theme agknyer..sy suke details pd bunge tu...

and what mk my day the most..is this...


surprise for me..speechless....
my dream car...right there..
right in front of my eyes...
being 25 y.o is not bad..
this is my kind of fairy tales... =)


shogunn_general said...

dapat keter baru ke? nice.... :D

nadia.H said...


xshajiax said...

besttttttttttttt! bwk dtg Ipoh!!