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Monday, September 20, 2010

Huízú Hot Wok Johor Bahru

i get bored eating at the same place and the same thing everyday
so i've done some researched and stumbled upon this restaurant
people were crazee bout this place
its hard to find a chinese halal restaurant in jb
i've been craving for korean food..but there are no halal korean rest here..sobsob..
so,today for lunch..i decided to give this place a try..

so far so good..

we decided to order the set menu.easy!

ayat kursi..nice calligraphy >_<

i ordered this dragon fruit juice since its been recommended by many people..but,its undrinkable.at least by me..i hate the taste of the fruit..i like the dragon fruits alright..but the juice..hurm..just don't agree with my palette..

corn soup with crab meat...watery and a tad too salty for my taste..i wish it a little bit thicker,with a dash of black pepper to give it a little bit umphh..

prawn oat~~~~ 5 stars!!!

chicken lemon...it could be better..tender juicy chicken slices..

kailan with meat..again,nothing special..i can ordered this from anywhere..

maybe i should revised the menu again before simply settling for the set menu.
should try something that i never tried before..that the point of eating out right?
anyone care to join me?hehehe...

you wanna go & check it out?

Huízú Hot Wok
Chinese muslim restaurant
Mutiara Square, Taman Mutiara Rini
27 Jalan Utama 43, 81300 Skudai, Johor Bahru, JOHOR


pengasas huizu said...

Nadia, Thank You for choosing Huizu Hot Wok. We appreciate your comments and feedback and hope to see you again soon with a different selection of menu on your next visit. Our hostess can help you out with the best mix and match to best suited your dining experience.
n.b. Try our Ice Blended Dragon Fruit with a dash of cream (which is our signature drinks) instead of the juice.

frs said...

huizu had been closed.... why?

nadia.H said...

eh,really? been thinking bout going back...so sad...