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Friday, August 31, 2012

All over again

Its been a while..longer than a while..and its like deja vu all over again.its no different from the last one.yet the heartache feel deeper.stronger.its like falling into an abbyss with no end.u cant help it but to keep falling deeper and deeper.

Why people able to love?its nothing but pain in the a*s.love drive people do crazy things.they said better to love and lost than never to love at all? What a load off crap.have they ever felt the pain it caused?even during happy time,sometimes its unbearable.the aching.the yearning.the break up.yes things started and ended.but to start again..its a total nightmare.moving on is the hardest thing to do when u r the one who has been dumped.agree?

I dont how long will it take to get over this one.nor will i ever be ok ever again.time is everything right?if only there's a forward button in life.that would be great.

I just cant take it.
I cant take it people who said thank u every much.nor people who spelled husband as hasband.
Than akan datang rs riak dlm hati.
Jentik hati berkali kali.tp akn lupe jugak.

Ya Allah..
Rasa cinta ini adalah kurniaan dari mu.
Ku pohon kau tarik ia semula agar mata ku terbuka..biar minda ku sedar..dia bukan yg terbaik utk ku.