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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dermagic by SimplySiti

Since dermagic have been trending in twitter since its launched,i actually am quite surprised with myself coz im actually intrigued to try it.

Then today while shopping with my mum,she actually heard about it.and end up bought the trial kit for me..haha,yea,at my age,my mommy still buy stuff for me..jeles much?lol..

The trial kit cost rm23.90,consist of 8ml tube of serum and 8ml tube of beauty moisteriser.

It claims to give a youthful and stress free skin.i frowned and squint my eyes too much to have a stress free skin.hehe..

Anyway, i tried it tonight and my skin feels super soft.hope this can help with my pigmentation.its soo bad that i can  draw a map on my face..^_^!

Just some random rumbling..i went to a facial last friday..it supposed to be a relaxing experience right?but the girl wouldnt stop talking.and kept pushing me to buy more packages,products,treatments,etc..they wanna charge rm3000 for 10xs facial treatment???i laughed a little when she showed me the price using a calculator (coz she have to use it to show me how much the special package treatment cost after a 50% discount..lol)she kept punching numbers saying its a great investment,a good deal,bla bla bla..

Rm3000 for facial.

have the world gone mad??


gadisBunga™ said...

hi nadia. seems like u've been taking a long break. :)