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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

demam jalan2

hello everybody!!
jus start warming up again after long time abadoning my blog..
lets just say,many things happened recently
so,here i am..
jus a few pics
of me,palong and our cat demam..
yes..name die demam..hehe...

he's (or izit she?haha)been sick at that time
so we decided to tk he/r for a walk
let he/r tk some fresh air
and myb trying to get he/r to eat some grass..
yup,kucing pun kne mkn rumput..good for their digestion..

alalala...cian die sejuk..

lurve this pic!

xnk kuar from beskut jacket..gigil2 demam..hehe

wif me!

oh ya,we got 5 baby meows actually..
doni osmong
coco jumbo..
heppy family~~~

p/s: pardon my eng..kinda suck to start write again tb2 aftr dh lame x blogging.not dat my previous post kick a** or wat..but even i noe dis post suck!hehe..


Mochachocolata Rita said...

i love meows....ur kitten so cute!!!

nadia.H said...

tq!i lurve ur foods,clothes..can we trade?hehehe